• 29th March
  • 29

A little old man in the post office.

I walked into the line behind him… observed his oversized box marked “fragile,” in big black permanent marker letters, said “frajeelay… must be italian!” in my head and he smiled at me, (excited… his face all lit up like a Christmas tree) and said “Hi! How are you today?”  I smiled back (as big of a smile as I could muster… it was easier than I thought… because old men remind me of Christopher Walken now… they’re all “old adorable Chris” to me)… and said I was fine and asked how he was just as the Post Office clerk yelled (for the 2nd time, I think) “can I help you?!!” at him… because he was next up and not paying attention to her.  He smiled, said “good!” to me and hustled off with his box and said “I should pay attention!” to the clerk when he got there & then he smiled at me again.  We lost a huge client first thing this morning because of one too many searcher errors.  I was feeling deflated… getting berated for somebody else’s consistent mistakes will do that to a person.  Either he was senile and thought he knew me, or he could just tell I needed that… ray of sunshine… from a stranger.  Either way, I’m grateful to the universe for sending me a gift… in the form of a little old man in the post office. 
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